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Remedying And Preventing Wage And Hour Violations

Employees and employers alike often need legal guidance to understand their respective rights and responsibilities in the employment context. Employees often turn to Scirocco Law, PC, when their employers ask them to work overtime but do not give them overtime pay, or deny them their legally protected breaks. Employers, likewise, seek our attorneys’ opinions to address complaints or controversies.

With a solid reputation in many areas of the law throughout the state, our employment law attorneys always welcome new clients with wage and hour concerns anywhere in the state of New Jersey. We primarily advise individual employees and small to medium-sized employers. Our team can help navigate any disputes or resolve litigation over wage and hour issues.

How Can We Help You?

Bring us your questions or concerns regarding any of the following wage and hour issues in your workplace:

  • Clocking in and out irregularities (perhaps an employer asks employees to work for a while before clocking in) and/or other time on and time off recordkeeping practices
  • Minimum wage controversies (especially regarding employees who also receive tips)
  • Overtime rules (especially of interest to workers who may be misclassified as ineligible for overtime pay)
  • Whistleblower protection for employees who complain about wage and hour violations and report them to local, state or federal government agencies

Both federal and state laws apply to wage and hour issues in the workplace. Our employment law practice involves counsel and representation concerning any labor issues having to do with fair pay for fair work.

About FLSA And New Jersey’s Wage Theft Law

From a federal labor law perspective, clients of Scirocco Law, PC, often ask for help understanding and enforcing provisions of the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This often means verifying that:

  • Employers follow minimum wage laws, including for employees who receive tips
  • Employers pay overtime for work by nonexempt employees totaling more than 40 hours per workweek
  • Employers do not require minors to work more than what is allowable under child labor laws

At the state level, the Wage Theft Law of 2019 in New Jersey has tightened requirements and put tough penalties in place for employers that deny employees the wages they deserve. Under the Wage Theft Law, an employer who does not pay all applicable wages when they are due may need to pay the affected employee(s) three times the unpaid amounts.

Our goal at Scirocco Law, PC, is always to ensure that clients know their rights and have the support they need to take legal action or respond to litigation or agency enforcement activities.

Let Us Hear From You

Our clients have access to professional, dedicated employment law attorneys. Our founder, lawyer Robert Scirocco, has more than 30 years of experience in New Jersey law practice. Lawyers Mark Scirocco and Stephen Scirocco bring their respective strengths to the table. We are well prepared to meet any employment law needs of individuals or companies.

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