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Understanding Municipal And Traffic Courts In New Jersey

Last updated on April 14, 2022

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over minor criminal matters – typically called “disorderly persons” offenses. The local municipal courts also deal with traffic violations, including such charges as “reckless driving” and “driving while intoxicated.”

Penalties Can Be Steep

It is important to remember that although these offenses do not rise to the level of “crimes” as defined by law, the penalties can still be very harsh.

For example, a judge still has the ability to sentence an offender to a maximum of six months in jail for certain disorderly person offenses. He also has the power to revoke a driver’s license for up to one year for such offenses as “driving without insurance” and for the first offense of a “DWI” charge.

Even in municipal court, the local prosecutor still has the burden of proof to substantiate “beyond a reasonable doubt” that all the elements of the offense have been proven.

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