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Photo of Robert A. Scirocco
Photo of Robert A. Scirocco
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Aggressive, Skilled Defense Of Military Personnel Under Investigations And Courts-Martial

If you are facing legal troubles as a member of any branch of the United States military, you may wonder whether to pursue your right to get help from a military-appointed lawyer or hire a private defense attorney on your own. Generally, service members are not entitled to a free representation by a military attorney until they have been formally notified of administrative or criminal proceedings. However, service members need legal counsel as soon as possible, even while under suspicion or investigation. For this reason, we urge you to consider getting private legal advice as soon as you learn about legal troubles that can affect your military status or benefits.

At Scirocco Law, PC, you have access to the best of both worlds.

Stephen T. Scirocco, was a Judge Advocate handling military prosecutions in the U.S. Marine Corps. Stephen handled all aspects of military criminal cases, with a specific focus on sex crimes, drug trafficking and distribution, and firearm related offenses. Today, Stephen is a partner at our firm alongside his father, our founder Robert Scirocco and brother, Mark Scirocco. Stephen remains a reservist in the Marines at the rank of captain, as well as a partner at Scirocco Law, PC. Attorney Robert Scirocco is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a civil trial attorney with more than 30 years of experience.

The cumulative track record of our team in complex civilian and military matters can make a tremendous difference for our clients in court-martials and other military-related disciplinary proceedings.

Why Hire A Private Lawyer For A Military Matter?

You may or may not realize how much is on the line for you when you are under investigation, threatened with administrative separation from the military or accused of a crime. The stakes may be very high, including the possibilities of:

  • Jail time
  • The loss of your position and rank in the military
  • The loss of your benefits, including housing, health care and a retirement income
  • Unemployability in the civilian world
  • Sex offender registration requirements, if applicable

Military personnel who obtain negative outcomes in courts-martial or disciplinary actions in the military discover over time how many advantages they have lost. It is the beginning of a downward spiral in many people’s lives. For this reason, we commend you for taking the time to think carefully about your next best move as you are facing legal troubles in any branch of the military at Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst, Picatinny Arsenal, at a facility elsewhere in New Jersey or even off-base.

What We Can Do For You Now

Even before we meet with you, we can offer this vital free advice: Please do not discuss your case with an investigator or with anyone else such as a friend or family member before getting legal counsel. We can inform you of your rights and help you avoid mistakes that can have overwhelmingly regrettable consequences.

We represent individuals, reserve or active duty, under any military investigation, administrative separation or court-martial. We have a great deal of experience handling complex legal cases of many varieties, including military judicial proceedings. To reach our law offices at Hasbrouck Heights or Morristown, call 973-968-6321 or email us for a prompt response.