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Mark Scirocco Recognized By The National Law Journal As A Trailblazer In Insurance Law

Mark Scirocco was recently named by the National Law Journal as a 2021 Trailblazer in Insurance Law. This recognition places Mark in an elite group of 30 lawyers from across the country who have made a profound impact in the field of insurance law. Please click the “Trailblazers” thumbnail for a link to the National Law Journal insert. You can also find a snapshot of Mark’s profile below.

The National Law Journal Trailblazers - Insurance Law - 2021


Mark R. Scirocco

PIONEER SPIRIT When Mark R. Scirocco joined his current law firm more than six years ago, it already had an existing insurance practice. “I had an opportunity to do many of the things I enjoyed doing, including working with clients, writing briefs and analyzing policies from a legal perspective. Now it is 100% of what I do.”

TRAILS BLAZED In Estate of Narleski v. Nicholas Gomes, Scirocco represented a liquor store in a case involving social host liability law that helped establish a new duty for adults in New Jersey who are under the legal age to consume alcohol but host underage drinking parties. “When one of the young men who attended a party tragically died, the estate brought a case against us, and we brought one against the young man who hosted the party.” New Jersey is one of several states with a “dram shop” law, which allows claims against a business that served alcohol to someone who goes on to cause an alcohol-related accident. Scirocco argued that, in this case, liability should be assigned to the underage host of the party. “The New Jersey Supreme Court determined that the 19-year-old does have a duty, even though it was his parents’ house.”

FUTURE EXPLORATIONS Scirocco is currently involved in litigation regarding the ongoing-storm rule and its application in New Jersey. “The Supreme Court will address whether a commercial landowner has an obligation to clear snow while a storm is ongoing. Most states say they do not to make landowners clear snow while it’s snowing. But a lot of states say the obligation is what is ‘reasonable’, so the issue needs to be addressed.”