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Veterans Helping Veterans

Attorney Steve Scirocco recently settled an auto accident case on behalf of Scirocco Law client, Harry Mavigliano.
Mr. Mavigliano is an Air Force veteran who was injured in a car accident in Allendale, NJ (Passaic County) in February 2023. Scirocco Law attorney Steve Scirocco pursued a claim on Mr. Mavigliano’s behalf against the driver responsible for the collision. Scirocco Law was able to achieve a favorable settlement for Mr. Mavigliano for an amount just below the insurance policy limits that were available to the driver who was responsible for the accident.

We are very pleased to have been able to successfully settle this case. More than this, we are happy that our client, Mr. Mavigliano, has expressed his gratitude to the firm, and Steve Scirocco (a Marine Corps veteran) in particular, for our hard work and dedication in pursuing his claim. See Mr. Mavigliano’s heartfelt letter to Steve Scirocco in our “Testimonials” page nearby. Scirocco Law takes great pride in helping veterans like Mr. Mavigliano who have so devotedly served our country.